pictures of Harvey Chometsky

Harvey Chometsky is a working artist who lives in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada. He has worked in publishing and acted as curator for both a commercial art gallery and a public art gallery. His creative evolution has taken him through many mediums including: writing, drawing, photography, millfelt, automobile, and lately, he has immersed himself in the virtual world. He has exhibited his work in Berlin, New Orleans, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver.

"It is the Poet's work to sow among the damned doubts of damnation." -Edwin Muir

"The Poet's function is to visualize the goals of human work." -Northrop Frye

It is my mission to revive and affirm the aesthetic sensibility in whichever community I belong so that we can bathe in beauty and heal this psychic error that darkens the world.

Here is afirst little video that I made for Inclusion Powell River:

I welcome communication. I can be reached by email: